All you need to know about Xtreme Wake in Dubai

All you need to know about Xtreme Wake in Dubai

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Will you want to go all out on your seafaring expeditions? Join Xtreme Wake, Dubai’s ultimate wakeboarding academy, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here’s what you need to hear about Xtreme Wake, from boat rental rates to specialist services.

Wakeboarding in Dubai

Wakeboarding is one of several famous watersports in Dubai, where riders stand on a wakeboard towed behind a motorboat. Tourists and locals alike enjoy wakeboarding in Dubai, with the majority depending on specialized facilities such as Xtreme Wake to try it out.

All about Xtreme Wake

Ahmed el Shaky and Karim Aly, childhood friends, formed Xtreme Wake in 2013 to share their love for the sport with the rest of the world. The company initially raised the number of speedboats in its fleet and recruited more teachers. Xtreme Wake now has a devoted base of over 5,000 watersports enthusiasts.

Xtreme Wake is a watersports company specializing only in wakeboarding and wake surfing, as the name implies. It provides services to both professionals and amateurs, with rates based on hourly boat rentals. The least boat rental time is one hour, and it costs AED 600 at the moment.

All the facilities at Wake and its location

Wakeboarding is available at Xtreme Wake in two places Dubai Marina and Ghantoot. A Malibu V Ride 21, a Centurion Enzo FX 22, and two 21V Epics make up their boat fleet. Both of the boats are well-organized and serviced on a daily basis to make sure that they can reliably deliver the optimal wake. Wakeboarders in Dubai have plenty of opportunities thanks to the year-round warm waters.

The Camp

Xtreme Wake also offers a boot camp in addition to their daily offerings. The camp is suitable for riders who wish to practice in the sport under experienced instructors’ supervision and is situated in Ghantoot Marina’s core.

Wakeboarding and wake surfing in Dubai are made possible by the waters’ flat surface in the field. Until you head into the pool, you can learn your spins, hops, and bounces on the trampoline.

The training center is a bungalow where trainees can sunbathe, practice on their tans, socialize with other trainees, and see beautiful sunsets over the sea. A never-ending supply of barbecued pleasures and cool drinks are also available as the ideal pick-me-up during each case.

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In the Camp’s preparation exercises, the Epic and Centurion wake boats are included. There are also hotels available within a five-minute drive of the camp.

The transit kit, the four-day camp, and the seven-day camp are open to anyone who is involved. Equipment, coaching, refreshments, BBQ lunches, and trampoline exposure are provided in both bundles.

Dubai Marina Day Rides

Customers who purchase the Dubai Marina Day Rides kit will get training as well as the requisite equipment. This bundle is accessible every day from sunrise to sunset, and consumers can wakeboard or wake surf for as long as they want. Pick-up and drop-off at Dubai Marina are also included, as well as snacks and drinks.

How can you pay for Xtreme Wake services?

Xtreme Wake accepts Visa and MasterCard as forms of payment. Once fees have been paid, customers will get an email message. You can then demand your ride at Dubai Marina or the Ghantoot centre, depending on your order.

Will they make a refund if you a person is not able to show up at a paid visit?

Within 48 hours of booking, customers have the option to cancel and receive a complete refund. Any rescheduling demands must be fulfilled within this period as well. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ warning or after the booking are not eligible for a refund.

What is the difference between wakeboarding and wake surfing?

A wakeboarder is dragged around the water by a speedboat for the duration of the game. Wake surfing involves the rider grabbing a rope from behind a specific boat and dropping it until enough momentum has been gained to navigate a wave out.

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